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How do I close my position?
How do I close my position?
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Closing a position requires doing the opposite operation to the one that led to its opening.

For example, if you opened a LONG (buy) position for 1 contract, you must post an order, market or limit, SHORT (sell) for 1 contract.

An opposite order for an amount less than your original order will result in a partial close.

A higher amount order will result in a full close of your original position and the opening of an opposite position for the remaining amount.

A few very important notes:

  • Pressing the "Close Position" button is equivalent to placing a market order for the full amount of your position. Be careful, as a market order the execution price may be different from the mark price you see on the exchange!

  • Remember that posting a limit order does not imply that it is successful! You may not be filled or may be only partially filled, depending on market conditions.

  • Options, of course, have one more possibility: if taken to expiration, they automatically close.

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