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Is Aevo different from Deribit?
Is Aevo different from Deribit?
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Deribit is a centralised exchange (CEX), similar to Binance or Coinbase; Aevo is a decentralised exchange (DEX), based on an orderbook that resides on a custom L2 rollup compatible with Ethereum.

Another key difference is that Deribit uses what are called inverse options, while options on Aevo are linear, settled in USDC.

  • With Deribit's inverse options you pay the premium in BTC or ETH and you get BTC or ETH at maturity. Since the collateral is in the underlying asset, there are two kinds of volatility you have to manage: the volatility of the buying price, as well as the volatility of price movement.

  • Aevo's linear options, on the other hand, are priced and settled in USDC. This means that our options do not require any currency other than USDC to be traded, thus simplifying both access and management of instruments and positions.

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