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Are Aevo options cash or physically settled?
Are Aevo options cash or physically settled?
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Aevo options are cash-settled, meaning that the exchanges between the parties involved in a transaction take place in cash and not in the underlying asset itself. As such, Aevo options are distinct from traditional options, which are subject to the direct delivery of the underlying asset if a position is exercised.

The cash settlement feature of Aevo options provides a number of benefits. First, it eliminates the need for investors to actually own the underlying asset in order to participate in the options market, thus providing more flexible trading opportunities and more access for retail investors. Secondly, cash settlement eliminates the risk of slippage between the spot and futures market, allowing for more accurate price discovery. Finally, cash settlement makes Aevo options a more attractive product for short-sellers, as it eliminates the need to borrow the underlying asset in order to open a short position.

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