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Aevo Exchange FAQs
Aevo Exchange FAQs
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What are the trust assumptions of the off-chain orderbook?
How does Aevo’s OP stack roll up work?
What is Aevo?
Are you charging any fees on withdrawals or deposits?
What are the fees for Aevo? Where are they accumulated?
Do I need to pay gas for trades?
How long do deposits take?
How long do withdrawals take?
How do I deposit into Aevo?
How do I withdraw from Aevo?
Which assets can I deposit?
Which bridge is used by Aevo?
What chain is Aevo on?
Does Aevo use a custom rollup?
Where can I find the block explorer?
Are the options American or European?
Are Aevo options cash or physically settled?
What time do the options expire?
How do I enable portfolio margin?
Is Aevo different from Deribit?
Are there any position limits?
Does Aevo use an oracle?
Does Aevo support Block Trading?
Which market makers operate on Aevo?
Does Aevo use or loan any users' funds?
Why can’t I close my options before expiry?
Is Aevo audited?
What kind of relationship is there between Ribbon and Aevo?
Does Aevo have a token?
What are your deposit contracts?
Where can I find my referral link?
Why was my order executed at the wrong price?
Why can't I deposit in aeUSD?
Why was my Stop Loss or Take Profit order executed at different price than I intended?
Why my Stop Loss or Take Profit order didn't work? Why did it get canceled?
What is the EXCEEDS_MAX_NOTIONAL error?
I don't see my profit, where is it? Why have I closed a position in profit but my available balance hasn't changed?
Why am I seeing a loss in my PnL?
Do you have a mobile app?
Do you have a Dashboard? Where can I look at your data?
I can't convert my funds
I can't claim my referral link (reflink) rewards
How can I get a role on Discord?
I was kicked or banned from Discord, can you let me in again?
Can I see my trading volume?
Why is my account stuck in liquidation?
Can I swap my deposited assets?
Why does my account have a negative balance?
Why can't I see my account data anymore?
Where can I find information about your API?
How do I close my position?
What is the difference between limit order and market order?
My wallet has been compromised, how can I get my funds on Aevo to safety?
If I deposit in aeUSD can I trade?
Why is my liquidation price changing?